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Careful What You Wish For

I have tried not to voice my personal stance on vaccination but it's so hard when I have such very strong beliefs. Honestly, I wish I didn't have these beliefs. I wish I hadn't done any research into the matter. I wish I hadn't spent hous and hours and hours reading court documents and studies. Because my beliefs are making my life so much harder. I wish I could go with the flow and live in ignorant bliss. But after 3 terrible reactions to 2 different vaccines, I have to say something. But Lee Hieb says it much better than I do. So I will let her say it.

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"The voices shrieking to forcibly vaccinate people are the same voices shrieking to support a woman’s right to choose abortion under Roe v. Wade. If a woman’s body is sacrosanct, if she has the right to choose to deliver a child or not, if she has total authority over her body, how can she not have the right to accept or refuse a vaccination?"


It's nice to see the mass media showing a little sanity on the matter.


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